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Get a Complete Step By Step Guide About Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) Training:

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What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a renowned global cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. Its primary service offerings are the packaged application software as services (SaaS) and platform as the service (PaaS) and infrastructure as the service (IaaS). It’s a constantly evolving and complete platform.

Learning outcomes Of Amazon Web Services:

  • This AWS course will allow you to gain hands-on knowledge of cloud computing.
  • The meticulously designed and professionally created program will prepare you for incredible job opportunities, including full-time job opportunities.
  • The Learning tools are intended to assist you to learn valuable skills that are connected to the AWS cloud.
  • The knowledge gained and the certificates you earn can make you an popular part of the cloud workforce worldwide.
  • You’ll be able automate, optimize and design cloud environments.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of AWS fundamental services cloud concepts, cloud pricing, security, and assistance.
AWS Course Training In Hyderabad
AWS Training In Hyderabad

Advantages of AWS Certification Training In Hyderabad:

  • Training with AWS can help you discover job opportunities that are satisfying and varied in their the nature.
  • A lot of companies have shifted their work onto the cloud. Your skills with AWS will make you into a valuable source of talent for such companies.
  • AWS pay rates are attractive. If you have the right certification you’ll be qualified for this lucrative job.
  • AWS certified professionals get badges. The badges allow access to AWS certified events sponsored by AWS.
What is the reason AWS is so popular?

In the last few years, AWS has emerged as the best cloud service provider, despite its non-competitive way. According to the research conducted by Amazon businesses, they have to invest 70 percent of their expenses in managing their resources. However, when they use AWS they must use just 30% of their resources for cloud resource management, and the remaining 70% could be put into the creative and efficient results of enterprises. The primary advantages of AWS include reliability, scalabilityand convenience, best services to customers and more have led to its popularity on a global scale.

In addition ease of implementation and effortless learning curve cloud computing boosts its popularity. Alongside the secure environment and flexibility, this low-cost cloud service regularly develops new solutions and products for clients. This helps solve the current and future issues that you may or need to confront. About 40% of the total public cloud services are managed by AWS and the other majors following AWS are Google, Microsoft and IBM together make up around 28-30 percent. Aren’t they not enough to increase the acceptance and popularity of AWS for businesses?

Why Amazon Web Services AWS Training In Hyderabad?

We all know the fact that every form of technology throughout the world are moving towards cloud computing. In the next few years we can be sure that major companies will be moving their applications to the cloud due to the security standards it provides. In this regard in the current technological trend in India where the number of startups are thriving than a few, there is plenty of potential for cloud-based engineers. This will encourage a lot of people to attend AWS Course in Hyderabad very enthusiastically. AWS Training in Hyderabad is superior to many of its rivals due to the following factors:

  • AWS is not trying to try to recreate data center environments.
  • AWS is focused on simplicity security, reliability, and the ability to scale.
  • It is based on the idea of creating basic and basic services.
  • These solid and scalable solutions are later incorporated into higher-order services
  • It is designed based on longer-term planning and maps
  • The range of work available allows the speed of feature releases that are unmatched.
  • The business model operates on the basis of cost and pricing, and has an unassailable margin

What is the reason behind AWS Training In Hyderabad At E Meta Trainings?

One of the major motives behind AWS is a major player in the world today with its countless services is due to its extremely cheap cost. AWS Certification is among the most sought-after certifications within the IT sector. It’s not only the most sought-after but it’s also one of the most lucrative jobs according to various studies.

The possession of an AWS certification that is backed by a solid understanding regarding AWS can land you an excellent job in the end. If you’re also looking to become competent enough to be a part of these companies It is recommended to attend AWS Training in Hyderabad. The best part is that you don’t require any particular qualifications in order to qualify for AWS classes. Why waste your time? Sign up to E Meta Trainings right away.

Benefits of AWS Course Training in Hyderabad AT E Meta Trainings:

  • 100% Placement Support in Top MNC Companies Like TCS, CTS, Wipro, Google, Flipkart, Amazon
  • The trainers will assist you to create a resume that is based on your skills and experience.
  • We will provide the top 200+ most up-to-date AWS Interview Questions and Answers
  • In the middle in the AWS Course, we will conduct Mock Tests of AWS concepts
  • Our team of experts will conduct Mock Interviews
  • Lifetime Access for BEMS (Internal JOB Portal)
  • We are our HR Team will Keep Update AWS Jobs via emails via message, email, and WhatsApp
  • AWS Course Duration: 60 hours including hands-on training classes
  • In this class you will learn advanced and basic techniques for AWS Tool
  • The classes on weekdays will be daily 1.5 hours, starting at 7.30 up to 9 am. Flexible timings are available
  • AWS Weekend Classes Begin each Sat Morning 9:00 am until 11.30 am. There is a different time slot is available for professionals working.
  • Separate Batch for Fresher’s and Experience Candidates
  • Training Location The training facilities are located at our E Meta Trainings Hyderabad Training Centers( BTM Layout, Marathahalli, Jayanagar, Kalyan Nagar, Indira Nagar, Rajajinagar

For AWS Course Training In Hyderabad Call:

  • Fast Track Classes are also offered
  • 100% Job Oriented Training Program
  • In-Depth AWS Syllabus
  • Sample Projects to work out
  • Project Support following Course is Completed
  • E Meta Trainings Course Completion Certification
  • World Class Infra with Free WiFi and a 24-hour lab facility
  • Two Demo Classes Available as free
  • Low Cost for AWS Course in Hyderabad
  • Live Project using AWS visualization tool
  • Interview Preparations
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Preparations
  • Internship Certification
  • Interview Tips

AWS Certification Training Course in Hyderabad Overview

AWS Training in Hyderabad with E Meta Trainings, one of the most prestigious AWS training Institutes in Hyderabad assist you in acquiring the complete understanding and expertise of AWS using real-world examples and examples. the AWS training course allows students to understand the most fundamental concepts such as DevOps Engineering, Advanced development and advanced architecting cloud practices, as well as operational aspects of the system. The instructors in the AWS Training in Hyderabad have more than a decade of experience with AWS.

They are professionals working as AWS experts in top IT and MNC companies around the globe. After having completed this AWS Training in Hyderabad by E Meta Trainings, every candidate is awarded a completion certificate for AWS that can be used by top businesses around the world. The instructors of E Meta Trainings guide students through how to comprehend the Amazon Web Services concept in an easy manner and help them get numerous job opportunities in the world of cloud computing. Sign up today to E Meta Trainings for the best AWS Training in Hyderabad!

E Meta Trainings AWS Training In Hyderabad Course Content:

Module 1:
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
2. Cloud Environment Architecture
3. Cloud Computing Models

Module 2:
Identity & Access Management
1. Creating IAM users and groups
2. Understanding the IAM Policies
3. IAM Policy and IAM Role
4. Setting up IAM security

For Best AWS Training In Hyderabad Call:

Module 3:
Infrastructure & Networking
1. Introduction to Amazon Web Services
2. AWS Global Infrastructure
3. Introduction Virtual Private Cloud
4. VPC & Subnets
5. Internet Gateways, VPC Peering & NAT Gateways
6. IP Addressing in AWS
7. Understanding AWS Security Groups
8. Understanding VPC endpoints

Module 4:
Elastic Cloud Compute
1. Launching our first EC2 instance
2. EC2 instance types & Pricing Models
3. Instance tenancy
4. Elastic ip’s use cases
5. AMI & Snapshots
6. Load Balancers and Target Groups
7. Autoscaling groups, Launch template and Launch configurations.
8. Understanding AWS limits
9. Transferring AMI from one account to another account
10. Understanding placement groups
11. Understanding keypairs backend

Module 5:
1. Introduction to Block & Object storage mechanism
2. Introduction to Elastic Block Store – EBS
3. EBS Snapshots
4. EBS Volume Types
5. Instance Store Volumes
6. Introduction to Simple Storage Service (S3)
7. Features of S3

For Best AWS Training In Hyderabad Call:

Module 6:

Domain Name System
1. Introduction to DNS
2. Understanding DNS Records
3. Introduction to Route53
4. Creating hosted zones and record sets
5. Understanding routing policies in depth

Module 7:
Aws Lambda and API
1. Getting started with AWS Lambda
2. Setting up triggering points
3. Introduction to API
4. Understanding working of API
5. Building our API with API Gateway

Module 8:

Building Scalable Applications& Notification services
1. Introduction to Message Brokers
2. Understanding SQS
3. Understanding Simple Notification Service (SNS)
4. Understanding AWS SES

Module 9:
AWS Developer tools
1. AWS code commit
2. Code build
3. Code deploy
4. Code artifact
5. Code pipeline

For Best AWS Training In Hyderabad Call:

Module 10:

Relational Databases
1. Understanding RDS
2. Creating RDS instance

Module 11:
1. Understanding CloudWatch
2. Auditing AWS environment with CloudTrail

AWS Training and Certification Program – A Review

Training in AWS for Hyderabad at E Meta Trainings is catered to incorporate every sophisticated and current concept in AWS. Aspirants are taught the best techniques, the latest developments, and the fundamental concepts of the AWS architecture. They can easily pass any exam or interview. The AWS for training and certification is designed to incorporate the most popular AWS components, such as VPC, EBS, CDN, EIP, KMS, RDS, Snowball, Dynamo DB, Auto Scaling, Elastic Cache, Security, IAM, EC2, ELB, S3, Route 53, Glacier, CloudFront, Redshift, CloudWatch, CloudTrail as well as many others.

AWS Certifications that are available through AWS Training in Hyderabad include Associate and Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect as well as AWS Associate AWS accredited developer Professional AWS Certified DevOps engineer as well as Associate AWS accredited SysOps administrator.

For Best AWS Training In Hyderabad Call:

If you are looking for career opportunities, there’s an exciting opportunity for AWS hopefuls because the world is shifting towards the cloud in every way. AWS professionals belong to the sector that is highly compensated, and a lot of researchers have said cloud computing as the most popular technology within the IT sector.

Some of the top companies using the cloud platform to boost their expansion are Facebook, Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Amazon, and numerous others. AWS training in Hyderabad by E Meta Trainings help in making your career more successful. The instructors help candidates pass their AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate test and find themselves in top MNC firms around the world.

Some of the most sought-after jobs for AWS candidates are cloud operation engineer Linux System Engineer MySQL senior cloud engineer senior engineer for server-side and many other. According to the median salary earned by AWS employees in Hyderabad is around S$78,190 per annum.

For Best AWS Course Training In Hyderabad Call:

AWS Training in Hyderabad will assist you in becoming an AWS Certified Solution Architect with real-time projects. This AWS Certification Training will help you become a master within Amazon Web Services for deploying secure and flexible Web Applications that include both online and classroom Training options. This AWS course is designed to enhance AWS Skills such as Compute analytics, storage and Networking, Databases and Security using hands-on Courses.

You will be exposed to a comprehensive and practical understanding of 50plus AWS Services using Project is designed to improve your application on a low Cost. Join the course to become certified by AWS in order to be able to pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate test (SAA-C02) on your first try.

The AWS Certification course will instruct you on the fundamental to Advanced level of techniques such like EC2, S3, Route 53, SNS, and EBS by Professional Certified Trainers. Learn in-depth about Amazon Linux which is essential for hosting, migrating and monitor Applications efficiently. Discover DevOps Tools to deploy containerized applications with Docker and Kubernetes through practical sessions.

For Best AWS Training In Hyderabad Call:

Learn to become an expert in the design and developing applications, as well as deploying them in the Cloud environment, and implementing AI & Machine Learning in AWS through our online AWS certification training courses in Hyderabad.

A engaging AWS course to learn about the most secure, reliable and efficient AWS Cloud Infrastructure percent lab practice classes delivered by experts from the industry. Learn how to take your cloud skills to the next level by taking our top training course for AWS certification Online in Hyderabad.

The key highlights of our course

  • Practical assignments for every module.
  • Learn from the top IT experts with more than 10 years of expertise.
  • Training sessions can be accessed via recorded sessions from any place, any time, FOREVER!
  • Support for round the clock.
  • Live e- training.
  • Compete lab support.
  • Affordable enrollment.
  • Flexible timings.
  • Full support for placement.
  • Live demonstrations of the working and working DevOps tools.
  • A globally recognized certificate of completion of the course.

Where Can I Get AWS Training:

The course is available through the AWS Certification Course is offered in Live Online Instructor-Led Classes as well as Classroom Classes in our 9+ branches BTM Layout, Marathahalli, Jayanagar, Kalyan Nagar, Indira Nagar, Rajajinagar, HSR Layout along with Electronic City with the option of placings and Certifications.

Choose your preferred training option from Self-Paced Videos and a 1-on-1 Training with Personal Trainers. We also provide Training for Corporate AWS to potential employers at a discount.

Eligibility For AWS – Amazon Web Services:

This recommended AWS Training is suitable to DevOps Engineers, IT infrastructure operations Cloud Engineers, Linux Admin and Networking Cloud Professionals Software Programmers and others who would like to master AWS to hosting High Availability and scalable web Applications in the Cloud without prior Coding Knowledge. There are no prerequisites to attending this AWS certification course and exam.

For Best AWS Training In Hyderabad Call:

E Meta Trainings

But the AWS Solution Architect course will focus on the fundamentals of Hardware and Networking, AWS Linux fundamentals and DevOps Skills to be an AWS Cloud and DevOps Professional.

Is Any Employment Openings available for AWS professional in 2020

It’s real the fact that AWS can be described as the best and most popular cloud service at a global scale. What is its purpose in the pursuit of an occupation? In this competitive and highly competitive market? Every person must seek one or the other kind of advancement in their career in everything, particularly a technological as well as related expertise. Also, anyone who is interested in a job is required to be aware of the potential and potential of AWS in the near future.

For Best AWS Course Training In Hyderabad Call:

According to the data provided by IDC that half of the money spent in the IT industry was devoted to cloud services in the year the year of 2019. In 2020, it is predicted to rise to 60 to 70 percentage. Not only that, but about 50% of cloud market share will be in AWS. This will increase the opportunities for employment and opportunities for specialisations up to 2020.

AWS is well-prepared for this growth with advanced training and certifications with a variety of opportunities for employment. AWS offers certification courses that are designed to enable the employees or trainees to apply their skills in designing and manage software infrastructures using the Amazon cloud platforms. These are among the certifications that pay the best pay , and are well-designed. They are the best and most lucrative jobs offered through AWS and its certification-related trainings including specialization and core certifications include:

1. SysOps administrator

2. Cloud purchase and sales manager as well as cloud sales

3. Cloud Key Account Manager

4. AWS network specialist

5. AWS big data specialist

6. AWS cloud architect

7. Cloud developer

8. Cloud DevOps engineer

9. Cloud software engineer

10. AWS system integrator

Projects on Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail is among the most well-known cloud-based services offered by Amazon. It offers users, who are brand new to the AWS platform as well as more experienced ones, a lot of cloud computing power and memory. AWS aggregates storage, memory processing, and data transfer into virtual machines according to the needs of the customers. In removing the computing power of the EC2 instance, Amazon Lightsail helps in packaging the data for these customers who are beginners or not experienced. Customers can select among the five options of light sail.

• Application hosting: It’s much simpler to host your application by using lightsail, such as LAMP, LEMP, MEAN and Node.js. It can also help in running the application, either open source or commercially and for both personal as well as commercial usage.

“E-commerce.” Magento is an extremely popular platform for e-commerce. It assists its customers launch their an online store quickly and at a reasonable cost. With the AWS infrastructure, the lightsail improves the security of this commercial setup.

For Best AWS Online Training Call:

* Server for E-mail: When you install an Lightsail running any OS is used as an server to receive mails, like POP3/IMAP, or outgoing mails as a software that is free and can be used for commercial purposes. Eg: Devcot, Microsoft Exchange, Courier and Zimbra.

* Test Environments From testing to stage all development steps will be assisted by Lightsail. It allows you to launch new and pre-configured server in only a few minutes. Furthermore, with Lightsail it allows servers to be shut down when they have finished their work are able to be closed, and it is economical.

* Windows Server: Lightsail is the best alternative to launch and run Widows servers based on the preference.

AWS Job Responsibilities

  • Account creation within Amazon Web Services
  • Monitoring of accounts in Amazon Web Services IAM
  • Manage EC2 instances on VPC cloud
  • Configure and monitor resources like Amazon CPU Memory EBS security groups and volumes
  • Manage and configure AWS cloud public
  • Create and manage new VPC, for example, EC2,S3, ELB, AutoScaling Groups, EBS, RDS, IAM, Route53,
  • Monitor the utilization of resources by using CloudWatch as well as CloudTrail.
  • Moving promises servers from AWS cloud with open free software
  • AMI deployment, route53 and VPC setting, creation of AM roles/policies creation, and automation
  • Access to AWS accounts Based on IAM roles

For Best AWS Training In Hyderabad Call:

E Meta Trainings
  • Setup AWS load balancer and Autoscaling
  • Troubleshoot and fix any issues that are related to EC2 instances
  • Create new instances using AMI ( Amazon Machine Images)
  • Managing existing EBS volumes
  • Backups and recovery with AWS snapshots
  • Controlling DNS with Route53
  • Controlling IAM roles for security groups
  • Configuring new storage with S3 buckets.
  • Upload/secure/create S3 buckets
  • Create new databases by configuring AWS Mysql, RDS, or MSSQL
  • Status of the project including forecasts, any identified new problems (and solutions) as well as risks and mitigations.

For Best AWS Training In Hyderabad Call:

Act as a bridge between technical and business stakeholders during solution development to ensure proposed solution meet immediate and strategic business objectives of external Stakeholders (Business Analyst, Business Users, Technology/Application SMEs)

AWS Certification

E Meta Trainings Certification is Accredited by important Global Companies around the world. We offer after the completion of the practical and theoretical training sessions for freshers and corporate trainees.

Our certification with E Meta Trainings is recognized all over the world. It enhances the worth of your resume, and allows you to be considered for top jobs by obtaining this certification from the most reputable MNC’s across the globe. This certification can only be granted following successfully completing our educational and practical projects.

Find out how to become AWS certified

Do you want to pursue a career in AWS? We sought out AWS professionals about the essential capabilities you must include to add to your resume to accelerate your cloud-based career. With a prestigious credential recognized by the industry from AWS you will be able to demonstrate your proficiency in cloud computing. You can earn the Certification of AWS as a Cloud Practitioner certificate.

A Amazon cloud certification can serve as a boost to your resume, helping get yourself a foot in the right direction for cloud-based careers or taking the next step in your current position. Explore the Best AWS training in Hyderabad now!

You can become the AWS accredited professional within just 40-50 hours/ month.

Learn about an AWS Certification Course in Hyderabad and learn from experienced and certified instructors. Professionals with expertise in the field with over 10 years of experience will help you master the basic concepts in a short time. Every important topic is covered to help you prepare for your exams.

  • Enroll for AWS Training in Hyderabad at E Meta Trainings. Exam for the certificate of AWS solution architect. Exam preparation includes Mock Questions and Exam Dumps to pass both Associate and professional levels.
  • AWS Solution Architect certificate exam fee is $150 USD and you can sit for the test Online or PSI authorized Testing Centers such as E Meta Trainings Hyderabad Branches. In total, it will be required to pass the exam for each section.
  • Join Our AWS training In Hyderabad and receive a money-back guarantee If You Not Satisfied for AWS Certification Training.

For AWS Course Training In Hyderabad Call:

If you’re a newbie or a professional in the workforce or job seeker or even a business owner, we can accommodate you to take online or offline classes.

Online classes taught by instructors offered through E Meta Trainings are as efficient as traditional classes. Therefore, regardless of the location you reside in, or what time of day you are free to learn the online classes we offer are specifically designed to accommodate your needs.

Amazon Web Services FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time frame for the Amazon web Services certification course?

A Amazon web services certificate course can last anywhere from two months to a full year to complete. It’s contingent upon the type of course you choose to take and the dates you sit for the AWS examinations.

Does AWS certification training institutes provide placement assistance?

Amazon web services and certification training institutes offer the services of placement
Many of the most renowned and recognized and authorized Amazon web services training institutes for certification located in Hyderabad offer placement services for students. Certain AWS institutes also offer separate placement portals. It is highly recommended to check the placement service at your institution prior to making an application for an AWS-certified course.

What is the cost for getting the AWS certificate in Hyderabad?

The cost of the certification exam ranges from 100-300 USD depending on the test you’re looking for. In addition to the cost of training, it differs from institute to institute. Before you sign up, be sure you ask for the cost of the certification and the price.

Which Is The Best AWS Training Institutes in Hyderabad?

AWS ability is among the most sought-after skills within the cloud computing, and that’s why thousands of techies are attending AWS classes for training. When it comes to institutes, each institution has its own unique selling point that draws students, so discover the best one that meets your needs for Hyderabad through E-Meta Trainings.

Who is Eligible to take AWS Training?

1. System administrators
2. Software developers
3. Analysts for Application Support
4. IT Project Managers
5. Project Delivery Managers
6. Database Administrators
and anyone seeking to learn AWS abilities.

How do I master On AWS?

It is contingent on the amount of know-how you have. You can learn in about 3 days in an instructor-led-course. It will take 40 hours of education. However, if you’re trying to get AWS certification, it’ll take longer as you must be prepared for your tests.

Does AWS Require Coding?

It’s not required, but it is beneficial to know how the basics of programming. Since creating applications for cloud computing and then deploying them to AWS cloud AWS cloud is a requirement for programming skills.

Are Python Required to Use AWS?

The answer is no, it’s not essential. But it may benefit you.

Is AWS Good Career Choice?

Absolutely, AWS is a good career choice. AWS has been the leader for over 6 decades on Cloud Computing. They aren’t going to be able to compete with the competition anytime in the near future. So, chances are greater, therefore AWS is a great career.

Can We Do Work From Home On AWS?

AWS offers a broad range of services built on the top of AWS Cloud to allow remote work for contractors, students employees, employees, and agents of contact centers. Remote work allows students, employees and contact center employees to remain productive and connected while working at home.

Can an AWS certification be used to get an employment opportunity?

It’s not true that the AWS certification by itself is not enough to help you find a job. Other factors can help you the beginning of your career.

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