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What Is Power Apps ?

Power Apps is a suite of applications, services connectors in addition to the data platform, which offers a fast development environment for building customized applications for your business’s needs. Utilizing Power Apps, you can create custom business applications which connect to data that is stored in either the data platform ( Microsoft Dataverse) or in a variety of databases on-premises and online (such such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server and more).

Applications built with Power Apps provide rich business technology and workflow capabilities that transform your traditional business processes into automated, digital processes. Additionally, applications created by Power Apps are flexible design and run smoothly in browsers as well as smartphones (phone and tablet). 

Power Apps also provides an flexible platform that lets professional developers interact programmatically with metadata and data use business logic, design custom connectors and connect with data from outside sources.

Microsoft Power Apps Course for creators/App Makers

Utilizing Power Apps, you can develop three kinds of applications: canvasmodel-driven portal, and model-driven portal. More details: Overview of creating apps using Power Apps

To build an app you begin by creating an account at

  • Power Apps Studio is the application designer that is used to build canvas-based apps. The designer in the app makes making apps more like creating slideshows using Microsoft PowerPoint. Additional information: Generate an app using information
  • app designer for apps that are model-driven allows you to create a sitemap and then add components to create models-driven apps. More details: Design model-driven apps by using the App designer
  • Power Apps portals Studio is an WYSIWYG design tool that lets you add and edit pages, components, forms and lists. More details: Power Apps portals Studio anatomy
Power Apps Online Training Institute In Hyderabad
Power Apps Online Training Institute In Hyderabad

Why Power Apps Course Training In E Meta Trainings Institute:

E Meta Trainings offers a full-immersive PowerApps Training in Hyderabad that is self-paced and live. The course will cover all the essential PowerApps elements that are required to create the foundation of a solid foundation. This will allow for tackling difficult PowerApps issues. No matter if you’re unfamiliar with PowerApps or are looking to improve the basics the course is designed to provide you with an exciting experience to learn the basics through practical exercises. Learn how to master the basics of PowerApps connections to data and user interfaces. Then, you’ll explore different methods to create an app using PowerApps and learn how these concepts can be utilized in the background.

Which Is Best Microsoft PowerApps Online Training Institute In Hyderabad:

The PowerApps course Training in Hyderabad at E Meta Trainings is designed to offer high-quality training that focuses on the fundamental understanding of the fundamental concepts, and an approach that is hands-on. Students will be able to improve their abilities and work on real-time projects using the most effective practices following exposure to the latest applications and scenarios in the industry.

Power Apps Course Corporate Training:

  • Select the Live, Self-Paced Instructor-led Classroom, or Online option that is best suited to your needs, schedule and budget.
  • Participate in extensive practical demonstrations, discussions and exercises based upon real-world examples of use.
  • Plan a schedule that aligns with your working schedule and your time zone.
  • Learn more about the business by interacting with industry experts during the course.
  • Modify the course’s scope of study to fit the needs for your particular project.
  • Find out everything you need to be aware of when it comes to obtaining an official certificate.

Power Apps Course Prerequisites

  • There aren’t any prerequisites to take part in training in the Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Training Course.
  • Candidates should have a good understanding about Windows. Windows operating system.
  • Candidates who are applying for certification should also have an knowledge of data management such as creating flowcharts, tables and tables and the way that applications function.
  • Experience and knowledge in coding is suggested, but aren’t required.

E Meta Training Is Best Power Apps Online Training Institute In Hyderabad:

Microsoft Power Apps Course Content:

Power Apps: An Introduction

  • What is Power Apps?
  • Power Apps for app makers/creators
  • Power Apps for app users
  • Power Apps for admins
  • Power Apps for developers
  • Power Apps and Dynamics 365

Find and run apps

  • In a browser
  • On a SharePoint Online page (canvas apps)
  • In Microsoft Teams (canvas apps)
  • From AppSource

Create Apps

  • Overview
  • Sign in to Power Apps
  • Find it with unified search

Canvas Apps

  • What are canvas apps?
  • System requirements, limits, and configuration
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Explore Sample Apps
  • Create a canvas app from a sample
  • Expense Report app
  • Help Desk app
  • Meeting Capture app

Create your first app

  • Create a canvas app from a template
  • Create an app using data
  • Make Basic Customizations
  • Create an app from scratch

Model-driven apps

  • What are model-driven apps?
  • The benefits of the model-driven approach
  • Explore sample apps
  • Meet the model-driven designers
  • Design and build an app
  • Define the data-model for an app
  • Design the app interface
  • Apply business logic in an app
  • Add reporting to your app
  • Validate and publish an app
  • Share an app
  • Manage an app
  • Advanced app making and customization
  • App performance insights

Power Apps mobile

  • Get started with Power Apps mobile
  • Use model-driven apps on Power Apps mobile
  • Use Dataverse search for model-driven apps using Power Apps mobile
  • Set app display to dark or light mode
  • In-app notifications in Power Apps mobile (preview)
  • Configure mobile offline synchronization for Power Apps mobile
  • Work offline on your mobile device using Power Apps mobile
  • Create push notifications for Power Apps mobile
  • Troubleshoot issues for Power Apps mobile app


  • What are Power Apps portals?
  • Terminology changes in Power Apps portals
  • Understand portals architecture
  • Create and manage portals
  • Starter portal
  • Build using portals Studio
  • Configure portals using Portal Management app
  • Administer portals from Power Platform admin center
  • Configure security in portals
  • Configure search in portals
  • Configure document storage in portals
  • Integrate Power BI with portals
  • How-to guides for extending portals
  • For Developer
  • Update, upgrade, migrate and convert portals
  • Compliance and accessibility
  • Portals for customer engagement apps
  • Important upcoming changes and deprecations
  • Supported web browsers
  • Known issues


  • What is Microsoft Dataverse?
  • Why choose Microsoft Dataverse?
  • Work with tables
  • Work with table relationships
  • Work with columns
  • Apply business logic
  • Work with solutions
  • Work with dataflows
  • License requirements for tables
  • Use Power BI with Dataverse
  • Create a Power BI report
  • View table data in Power BI Desktop
  • SharePoint, OneNote, and OneDrive integration
  • Translate customized table and column text Search
  • Import translated table and column text Search

Azure Synapse Link

  • Azure Synapse Link Overview
  • Create an Azure Synapse Link with a Synapse Workspace
  • Create an Azure Synapse Link with Data Lake
  • Advanced Configuration Settings
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Analyze with Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Analyze in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Security in Dataverse
  • Privileges for customization
  • API limits overview
  • Developer
  • Community tools for Dataverse

Teams integration

  • Overview
  • Embed a canvas app as tab app
  • Embed a canvas app as personal app
  • Embed a model-driven app as tab app
  • Embed a model-driven app as personal app
  • Create apps in Teams
  • Migrate Access data to Dataverse for Teams (preview)

Access migration (preview)

  • Data types and sizes for Access migration
  • System columns and tables in Dataverse
  • Chatbots
  • AI Builder
  • Sample apps and solutions
  • Crisis Communication

Hospital Emergency Response

  • Overview
  • Deploy the app
  • Use the admin app and dashboards
  • Use the mobile app

Regional Government Emergency Response and Monitoring

  • Overview
  • Deploy the solution
  • Upgrade the solution
  • App and Dashboard for Regional Admin
  • Portal for Admin and Report Viewer
  • Portal for Healthcare Worker
  • Transfer data from hospital to regional

Higher Education Crisis Financial Impact Tracker

  • Overview
  • Deploy the solution
  • Use the admin app
  • Use the mobile app
  • Use dashboards


  • Debug Power Apps with Monitor
  • Common issues and resolutions
  • Get a session or app ID
  • Change Power Apps Studio version
  • Troubleshoot startup issues for Power Apps
  • Troubleshoot Power Query

Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Training Course

This Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Training Course is provided by Microsoft to those who wish to master the basics about Microsoft Power Apps. The course module for certification teaches employees and enterprises how to utilize Power Apps in order to design, develop, and implement effective applications for their business. 

These developed applications are adaptable to a variety of data sources. Power Apps simplifies the entire creation and development process, making it an effortless process. Power Apps are highly user-friendly and can be utilized in web browsers in addition to mobile phones and tablet.

Its Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Training Course starts by providing a thorough review of Power Apps. The students gain an understanding of what the software is, how that it works, and the many advantages it brings. They are taught regarding templates, licensing and as well as the expenses for building apps with Power Apps. 

Once the students have a good understanding of the application and its works, they will be taught how to develop their own applications using Power Apps and multiple data sources that are provided to them. They’ll be able to create it, test it and then deploy it as well as be aware of the restore features of their app.

Participants in this 3-day Microsoft Power Apps certification course will be provided with the M55265 training materials, the most important tools that will be used during Microsoft PowerApps, key resources for Microsoft PowerApps course from a Microsoft Gold Partner in Koenig Solutions and access to labs that simulate hands-on sessions as well as practice tests via using the Qubits platform. 

The course offered by Microsoft Power Apps will have the certification exam which is integrated together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer. The exam’s name will be Microsoft MB-400. Therefore, those who are taking part in Microsoft Power Apps will be qualified to sit for the exam for certification MB-400. The exam costs USD 160 and is completed at the nearest Pearson Vue testing center.

The reasons to learn Microsoft Power Apps Course at E Meta Trainings

  • A very well-known Microsoft courses that has been well-known can be found in Microsoft Power Apps instruction.
  • Get Microsoft PowerApps (M55265) course materials in the form training pdfs, and access to test prep using Qubits, lab session, and more.
  • Microsoft Power Apps training delivered by an authorized Microsoft Gold Partner in Koenig Solutions
  • Students can enroll in this course M55265 to help them prepare for their MB400 certification exam , which includes Microsoft Power Apps + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer training
  • Learn from certified and certified expert Microsoft trainers with practical knowledge of creating Power Apps along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool.
  • Students can attend the Microsoft Power Apps training on both weekdays and weekends in two time slots that are 4 hours/day and 8 hours/day.
  • Enterprise and corporate teams have the option of customizing this Microsoft Power Apps course according to their specific business needs
  • Collaborate with students from diverse industries and jobs to understand how they utilize Microsoft Power Apps in their everyday activities.

Microsoft Power Apps Course M55265 Certification Training:

  • Instructor-led Managing M55265: Microsoft Power Apps Certification Training
  • Access the Microsoft Power Apps course preview to help you prepare.
  • Expert Microsoft instructors from all over the world to provide this training wherever you are.
  • Accredited M55265 power apps course material created by SMEs
  • Microsoft Power Apps for training tools are available to learners from Microsoft
  • Certificate of completion of the course M55265 is issued upon completion of the completion of the training
  • Participants can choose to take part in Microsoft Power Apps training in four different learning styles
  • Microsoft PowerApps training provided across 100+ locations around the world

Who can attend Microsoft Power Apps Course certification training?

Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Training Course Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Training Course is suitable for both experts in the field of engineering and developers. The job titles which can be improved by completing this training course to earn certification include:

  • Developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Computer science students
  • Students studying engineering software
  • Aspiring developers
  • Web designers
  • App designers
  • Anyone who wishes to get an knowledge the basics of Microsoft Power Apps and how to make use of it
  • Professionals who want to take the MB400 certification test

Learning Objectives For Power Apps Course Training

Candidates who choose Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Training Course Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Training Course will receive the following benefits from E Meta Trainings Institute:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the sources of data and storage within an organisation
  • An understanding of all the fundamental concepts that are involved in Microsoft Power Apps
  • Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of making use of Microsoft Power Apps to build applications
  • Knowing when the use in Microsoft Power Apps will be useful
  • The components of Power Apps and how to utilize them
  • Building seamless and seamless applications using Power Apps
  • The creation and management of controls within the application
  • By using branding and design elements to make the app more consistent, attractive and user-friendly
  • Customization of apps built using Power Apps
  • Integration of applications created by Power Apps with other applications that Microsoft Office365 offers
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the applications developed using Power Apps and overall service orchestration

Microsoft Power Apps (M55265) Certification Exam Details:

Exam NameMicrosoft PowerApps + Dynamics 365 Developer (MB-400)
Exam CostUSD 165
Exam FormatMultiple Choice
Total Questions40-60 Questions
Passing Score700 out of 1000
Exam Duration120 Minutes
Test CenterPearson Vue

How Much Salary Microsoft Power Apps Certified Professional Will Get ?

United StatesUSD 92,000 to USD 136,000
United KingdomPounds 35,000 to 70,000
IndiaRupees 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs 
AustraliaAUD 80,000 to 122,000 
UAEAED 126,000 to 286,000
SingaporeSGD 58,000 to 110,000

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