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What is DevOps ?

DevOps is an approach to practice that combine software development with IT operations. It is designed to reduce the development cycle of systems and to ensure continuous delivery and top quality software. DevOps is a complement to Agile software development. A number of DevOps aspects stem from the Agile approach to working.

DevOps Training In Hyderabad goals at E Meta Trainings:

  • Deep understanding of Continuous Development and Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing through performing hands-on exercises on GIT, Jenkins and Selenium
  • Expertise in Configuration Management and Continuous Deployment with Puppet and Ansible.
  • Participating in the Continuous Deployment stage by doing hands-on exercises on well-known tools such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Exposure to the state of continuous monitoring with Nagios
  • The capability to automatize all the aspects of modern deployment and delivery pipeline by using:
  • Tools for managing source code
  • Monitoring and build tools
  • Tools for testing automation
  • Containerisation via Docker
  • Tools for managing configurations
DevOps Course Training In Hyderabad
DevOps Course Training In Hyderabad

The prerequisites for learning DevOps Training In Hyderabad

  • You must have some knowledge of programming (beginners level is sufficient) (languages such as Java, Python and Perl)
  • A working knowledge of Linux and the commands it uses.
  • Know-how regarding automation and automation pipelines and the automation process.
  • Experience with various Operating Systems.
  • If you are familiar with AWS and Azure it could be an advantage.
  • In addition an effective ability to communicate and analytical expertise is an absolute requirement.

Our DevOps Training In Hyderabad Profile of Trainer:

We believe strongly that learning should be a blend of learning.

  • DevOps Instructors in E Meta Trainings trains the students in market-relevant skills and industrial-related projects. This gives them the practical experience with the software and field.
  • The trainers are industry experts with more than 12 decades of expertise as an DevOps Engineer.
  • The instructors on E Meta Trainings trains the students effectively on the concepts that enable continuous development and deployment as well as the use to DevOps tools.
  • Increases the knowledge of students by equipping them with industry-relevant knowledge.
  • The trainers give the students individual attention to help them clear any doubts.
  • DevOps trainers located in Hyderabad in E Meta Trainings supports the students in Resume building and Mock-interviews.

DevOps Course Training In Hyderabad Course Content At E Meta Trainings:


  • What is DevOps
  • Why DevOps
  • DevOps Principles
  • DevOps Ecosystem
  • Opportunities
  • for DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Skills in demand
  • Important tools used in DevOps


  • Basic concepts of Operating System
  • Linux Versions
  • Important Linux Operating Systems concepts
  • Important Linux Commands for Administration.
  • Commands for User Management.
  • Commands for File Permissions.
  • Commands for Partitioning
  • Commands for File System.
  • Package Management.
  • Networking essentials.
  • SSH configuration.


  • Introduction to Version Control.
  • Introduction to GIT.
  • Installation and Server setup.
  • Important Git Commands.
  • Working with Repositories:
  • Creating a repository(git init)
  • Checking status(git status)
  • Adding files to a repository(git add)
  • Committing files(git commit)
  • Removing staged files(git reset)
  • Removing committed files(git rm)
  • Checking logs(git log)
  • GIT Remote Repositories
  • Branching in GIT.
  • Merging in GIT.
  • Workflows in GIT.
  • Different ways of using Git
  • Centralised
  • Feature Branch
  • Gitflow Workflow
  • Forking Workflow
  • Working with GitHub


  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins Overview.
  • Jenkins Architecture.
  • Installation of Jenkins.
  • Jenkins management
  • Support for the Git version control systems
  • Different types of Jenkins Jobs
  • Setting up a Jenkins job
  • Scheduling build Jobs.
  • Securing Jenkins.
  • Jenkins Plugins.
  • Introduction to Maven.
  • Setting up Jenkins Master and Slave servers.
  • Distributed builds with Jenkins
  • Backup and Restore of Jenkins.
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  • Introduction to Ansible.
  • Introduction to YAML.
  • Ansible Documentation.
  • Setup and Configuration.
  • Ansible Modules
  • Setup Module.
  • File Module.
  • Pause Module.
  • Yum Module.
  • Service Module.
  • Copy Module.
  • Package Module etc.
  • Ansible Command Line Usage.
  • Working with Playbooks
  • Introduction to Playbooks in Ansible
  • Creating Reusable Playbooks o Using Variables
  • Templates
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Blocks
  • Advanced Playbooks Features
  • Best Practices
  • Working with Ansible Plugins:
  • Ansible Roles:
  • Role Directory Structure
  • Using Roles
  • Role Duplication and Execution
  • Role Default Variables
  • Role Dependencies
  • Embedding Modules and Plugins In Roles
  • Role Search Path
  • Ansible Galaxy


  • Docker Concepts
  • Installing Docker.
  • Docker Image Layers
  • Build Docker Images by using Docker Commit Command.
  • Build Docker Images by Writing Dockerfile.
  • Push Docker Images to Docker Hub.
  • Docker Networking, Links and Volumes.
  • Create Dockerized Web Applications


  • Puppet ecosystem, components, and terminologies
  • Managing puppet infrastructure, modules, and environments
  • Installation and setup
  • Configuring puppet client / server architecture
  • Understanding how a puppet run works
  • Integrating git with puppet
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  • Overview of Continuous Monitoring
  • Fundamentals of Nagios
  • Installing Nagios
  • Nagios Plugins(NRPE) and Objects
  • Nagios Commands
  • Notification in Nagios


  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Creating a Service
  • Installing Kubernetes
  • Working with Dashboard in Kubernetes
  • Deploying an App using Dashboard
  • Using Rolling Updates in Kubernetes
  • Containers and Container Orchestration


  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Why DevOps on Cloud ?
  • Introduction to AWS
  • Various AWS services
  • DevOps using AWS

What Are The Career Opportunities After Completing DevOps Training in Hyderabad

DevOps Course in Hyderabad with Support for Placement

DevOps is the current trend within the IT Industry. According to a recent study conducted by the Global Fortune company it is forecast that the implementation of the DevOps method, by 2021, there will be greater than 50% of Fortune businesses that will require DevOps certified experts for their companies. More than 70% of fortunecompanies have implemented DevOps methods in their businesses.

Additionally, in the past three years or so, results of the DevOps profile on LinkedIn and Indeed have increased. LinkedIn as well as Indeed websites have risen to 75 percent. Making the decision to pursue DevOps as a profession in the next few months is sure be rewarding and fascinating also. Learn about the fundamentals of DevOps with the DevOps Training in Ameerpet as well as get up to speed with DevOps practices and trends by learning about different DevOps techniques and tools.

The result will be greater comprehension of the concepts as well as the capabilities DevOps and will be ready to take on the challenges that arise from DevOps adoption. The following are the top companies that hire DevOps Engineers as well as DevOps Certified candidates to their businesses.

Infosys, Oracle Crop, Inc, HCL Technologies, Wipro Technologies, Accenture Technology Solutions, Tata Consultancy Service Limited, International Business Machines.

Common job titles that are given to applicants within an organization who have a working knowledge of DevOps practices , are as follows.

  • DevOps Lead
  • Release Manager
  • DevOps Architect
  • System Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Integration Specialist
  • Expert in DevOps Automation
  • DevOps Testing Professional

Below are the programs available for those who are knowledgeable about the DevOps techniques.

For a candidate at Entry Level in the average, they will pay three times the amount per year.

Candidates with mid-level experience ( 3 to 5 years) they could earn up to Rs 5,00,000 per year.

Candidates who have experience at Senior Level (5-9 years) could earn up to $10,00,000 annually. The above average packages and perks can differ depending on the amount of experience and dependent on the policy of the company. If you’re a newbie or working professionals looking to refresh their knowledge about the DevOps techniques, sign up for the DevOps Course located in Hyderabad with E Meta Trainings and learn the subject in a professional manner with the help by industry experts.

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DevOps is among the many skills required by many businesses to expand their operations. There are some pre-requisites that must be kept in mind for students to keep prior to registering for DevOps. Best DevOps Training in Hyderabad.

The students who are trained in the DevOps Training in Hyderabad are the most highly paid in the business. Because the dominance of automation and testing is taking over the IT industry, studying DevOps is beneficial.

Essential Skills for the DevOps professional

DevOps Careers is one of the most promising careers in the present. In addition, recruiters employ DevOps specialists to their organizations are not required to have certain most important skills that must be acquired by the applicant. Below are the most important abilities needed by the applicant to be able to compete for the job.

Expertise in important DevOps Tools

  • Software Security Skills
  • Skills for Coding and Scripting
  • Cloud Skills
  • Understanding of Tools and Automation Technologies
  • Test Skills
  • Network Awareness
  • Business and Customer Centric Mindset
  • Collaboration and Flexibility
  • Soft Skills

The ability to understand the major tools used in DevOps The technology is prone to adapt to the changing requirements of business, so too do the tools. A skilled DevOps candidate should stay up-to-date with the most recent techniques and developments in techniques. Below are the most frequently utilized DevOps tools, and their purpose are explained briefly.

  • Source Control SVN, GIT, Bitbucket
  • Container Concepts Docker LXD
  • Continuous Integration Continuous Integration Bamboo, Jenkins, and Teamcity
  • Cloud Cloud Google Cloud, Azure, Openstack and AWS
  • Automation of InfrastructureAutomating Infrastructure Puppet Chef, Chef and Ansible
  • Deployment Automation and Orchestration Octopus Deploy Jenkins and VSTS
  • Orchestration Mesos, Kubernetes, and SwarmDevOps training in BTMat E Meta Trainings helps the students efficiently using relevant tools, under the guidance by industry experts.

software Security Skills- We all are aware the term DevOps is the process of integrating both the Development and Operation team in an organization in order to improve the efficiency and productivity for the organization. Since the DevOps techniques were introduced to release software in a speedy manner and the risks and threats that arose.

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To safeguard the software releases from security threats and weaknesses, the developer must be able write simple and robust code. Developers should be able to create code that protects the software from mistakes and bugs that occur at the time of deployment. The developer should be able to comprehend the software security and SDLC.

scripting and Coding and Scripting Skills – It is obvious that a Developer must be proficient in coding. Skills in Scripting and Coding are required to manually replacing processes such as DNS addresses as well as IP address. DNS codes. It is essential to have a good comprehension of the skills required to be able to handle that manual task. A majority of organizations require DevOps candidates with knowledge of the following languages of coding: Java, Python, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Node.JS, and Shell. DevOps Courses at Hyderabadat E Meta Trainings trains students to be proficient in the languages used in code to students.

Cloud Skill: DevOps and Cloud are interconnected. If you are looking to become professional DevOps Engineer you should learn more about cloud platforms and their application. The Cloud is a part of the DevOps using a full platform to create deploy tests, release, and deploy software. The Cloud platform assists in automating by supplying tools for CD/CI in an efficient method.

Furthermore it helps to ensure that the Cloud platforms ensure that the resources offered are tracked and made available to users in a systematic manner. The Cloud platform allows IT companies to facilitate and speeding your development processes. It is possible to increase their expertise of Cloud Platforms such as AWS and Azure to carry out DevOps techniques efficiently. AWS Training in Hyderabad at E Meta Trainings trains the fundamentals of Cloud Platforms and their use on the market, providing specific skills that are useful to students.

Knowledge on Tools and Automation Technologies: Automation is the primary goal of DevOps methods. A person can be described as an experienced DevOps Engineer only when one has a greater understanding of the configurations, the settings for infrastructure constant testing, as well as monitoring performance for the application.

Additionally, Automation plays a significant part in DevOps methods since it decreases the human effort and leads to speed, accuracy and reliability of the app. To ensure that your customers are satisfied by ensuring high-quality and faster delivery of your product The DevOps Engineer should possess an extensive knowledge of DevOps tools for coding as well as testing tools and automated technology.

Testing Skills: The ability to test can have a significant impact on DevOps methods. You cannot automatize the DevOps workflow effectively in the event that continuous testing isn’t done in a proper manner.

Testing plays an important role within testing’s role in the DevOps lifecycle. Professional DevOps Engineer should make sure that automated tests are running in accordance with the requirements of the process. In cases where the software isn’t checked or bugged and the issue is not addressed, it could directly impact the users (customers). Therefore, it is essential for an DevOps Engineer to possess a good understanding of testing to avoid rush and bustle.

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Business-centric and customer-centric Mindset The purpose of DevOps Engineers is to deliver positive results for their users as well as financial benefits to the business. A DevOps Engineer should always think of ways to help the business as well as the company. DevOps Engineers are required to examine how their work could benefit the business. In order to do that, they DevOps Engineer should maintain a excellent relationship with people who are involved in the project, including testers, stakeholders as well as the business leaders as well as project management. This can lead to coordinated and optimized activities that accomplish the same purpose.

Network Awareness: The awareness of Networks and their contribution to your DevOps lifecycle is a crucial element. The aim of any DevOps program is to provide applications to their customers with success. In order to deliver the application effectively to their customers, and users, the DevOps Engineer should have a sufficient knowledge of the field of Networking and Security.

Collaboration and flexibility Collaboration and Flexibility DevOps Engineer must collaborate with team members to gather additional information and thoughts to improve the procedure. Collaboration makes the job simpler and less complex. In addition, it helps in faster completion of work. It also helps in delivering the work faster. DevOps Engineer must be able to work in this regard, as well as other skills required of an DevOps Engineer. DevOps Engineers should be flexible to be multitasking and help his team members during the crucial phase.

SoftSkills The DevOps Engineer needs to possess excellent communication and interpersonal abilities with their colleagues. The ability to communicate plays an important role in the way that the DevOps Engineer has to communicate effectively with their superior authority and work with subordinates throughout the process of preparing for the release of software. DevOps Training located in Hyderabad in E Meta Trainings supports the students in completing the extensive educational curriculum that teaches DevOps concepts and also provides professionals-oriented training to students.

If you have seen the technical capabilities needed for an experienced DevOps Engineer, you should be aware of what DevOps Interview questions that are addressed to the candidates in an Interview.

1.) Provide the necessary prerequisites necessary to be met for DevOps Implementation.

Here are the requirements to be met during DevOps Implementation,

  • Automation Deployment
  • Automation Testing
  • Version Control Software
  • Automated tools for compliance
  • Automated tools are required to complete the process.

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2.) What’s the primary process that is utilized for DevOps? Development and Infrastructure of DevOps?

The main operation is as follows:

  • Delivery
  • Testing
  • Feedback
  • Monitoring
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Development
  • Configuration
  • Version Control

3)List the most important elements of DevOps.

The most important elements of the DevOps life cycle are as follows,

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Monitoring

4.) What is what DevOps is? Is DevOps an instrument?

It’s not possible to refer to DevOps as an instrument. It’s a culture which brings together with the operational and development teams within an organization to ensure Continuous development Continuous integration Continuous implementation, constant testing as well as continuous oversight.

5.) What’s the benefits of GIT?

The benefits listed below are those that come with the GIT tool.

  • High Availability
  • Redundancy and replication of data
  • It is a great tool in all kinds of projects
  • It is used to improve high-performance network connectivity and better use of disks
  • It’s easy to use.

6.) Which are various types of software for controlling version that are available?

Different varieties of software to control versioning are listed below.

  • Git
  • CVS
  • Subversion
  • Mercurial
  • VSS

7)Explain the concept behind Continuous Integration (CI)?

In this way there’s a single team who makes changes to code and the other team assesses whether the code that has been changed is successfully integrated into other modules. If not, the developer must fix the issue prior to integrating the modifications into production. This CI server will continue to run while developers work at their jobs. Be proficient in all ideas by taking DevOps Training in Hyderabad for more career development.

8)Explain the idea for Continuous Automation(CA)?

Continuous automation refers to the method of automating the process throughout the life-cycle of the project. This can include activities like compilation packaging, unit tests Integration tests, System test acceptance test as well as other tasks. Learn about automation in the DevOps Course in Hyderabad for newbies and for career development.

9)Define DevSecOps?

DevSecOps refers to combining security procedures in the two areas of Development and Operations. If security issues occur in both operational and development teams need to collaborate to identify ways to reduce the risk.

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10)How do you determine risks?

Before identifying any risk factors We must understand the consequences of the incident as well as the potential implications. It is also important to determine the severity of the issue. Based on the assessment made it is necessary to decide between corrective or preventive actions.

12)Describe the different roles that are part of the DevOps team?

Members of the DevOps team are split into 3 distinct teams: Developers, Testers, and Operations. In order to ensure that everyone on the team performs his or her role well it is crucial to establish a strong rapport between them.

13.) Define the concept “Release Management”

Release management is the process of planning, monitoring and releasing your applications’ updates. Therefore, release management includes the following elements:

Planning – To plan releases, it is necessary to establish the business requirements on which you will design the release.

Tracking – You can track the release’s progress by automating builds and deployments

Release – When the release is completed it is time to release it.

14) Give a description of all the five phases that are involved in SDLC

The lifecycle of software development consists of five major phases that are:

Analysis of requirements

Design and coding




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15) What does the DevOps approach different in comparison to traditional methods of development?

Traditional development strategies focus on delivering final products to customers. However, the DevOps method helps to integrate the development process tools, technologies, and tools to ensure efficiency, quality and efficiency.

16) What are the definitions of Continuous Delivery as well as CDO?

CDO refers to Continuous Delivery of Operation. It is a procedure where the infrastructure is upgraded in a way that is automatic as the number of users grows.

17.) What is Agile?

Agile Software Development is a quick-paced process that is focused on developing high-quality software within very short periods of time. It permits the user and the owner of the product to continuously communicate with the software being created to understand the needs better and provide feedback throughout the entire process.

18.) What’s the benefits of employing DevOps.

The benefits of making use of DevOps are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Speed improvements
  • Improved communication
  • 19)What are the different kinds of tests available within the DevOps world?
  • Test Types that are Available on the DevOps World:
  • Unit Test
  • Integration Test
  • System Test

20)Explain the significance to Security Testing?

It is the procedure of identifying vulnerabilities in the software and then fixing the bugs discovered. This helps ensure that there aren’t any loopholes in the software that could cause security breaches.

21)Explain what Metrics are and how they can be used in DevOps?

Metrics are utilized to assess the effectiveness of an application. They also help figure out how effective the application is. By using metrics, we will determine if the system is working effectively or not. Learn the fundamentals through the course DevOps Training Hyderabad to become an experienced DevOps developer.

DevOps Certification Course in Hyderabad

DevOps course Certification is the official accreditation which demonstrates the capacity of a person to complete the tasks associated with the creation and application of DevOps methods. It also demonstrates that the candidate has a thorough understanding of DevOps tools. Additionally being able to display an DevOps Course certification on your CV can have an impression at the time of the interview as well as the odds of being considered for a top position are quite high.

DevOps Certification Training at Hyderabad in E Meta Trainings provides certification with professional instruction for students as well as working professionals. DevOps Training at Hyderabad with E Meta Trainings trains the students effectively and expands the understanding of DevOps concepts for students. Instructors are industry experts and train students on the latest developments in the field.

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In E Meta Trainings, we offer a customised DevOps course in Hyderabad that will help you gain an advantage over other applicants.

Our DevOps certified experts have extensive knowledge of this area. They will share their expertise with you by presenting workshops and live projects. Don’t pass up this great opportunity! Participate in our DevOps course in Hyderabad and let your dreams come to life.

10 . Benefits taking an DevOps Certification course at Hyderabad with E Meta Trainings

  • Employment Opportunities – There is a greater need in the market for DevOps engineers than engineers who don’t have formal education or certificates. Furthermore, being certified can make it easier for businesses to hire employees as it proves that the person has had appropriate DevOps Training in Hyderabad and is proficient in all abilities. Employers can also verify the credentials of prospective employees, which increases the loyalty of employees and retention rates.
  • A Better Salary Package A better pay package of those who have been through an intense process, such as obtaining the DevOps certification is likely to be more money when compared to people who do not have these certifications. This makes it easier to obtain jobs that may be difficult because of different factors, but without the certification.
  • Improved Career Growth – Once people earn DevOps certification, it further increases their chances of advancement. Therefore, there’s an abundance of opportunities for DevOps experts who have been certified.
  • Easy Transitioning to New Technologies New technologies are appearing every single day, and their have to be able to keep up with the constantly evolving requirements grows. If one doesn’t have the DevOps accreditation, they could have a difficult time transitioning from one platform to another. The certification can reduce the gap between novice and experienced developers and facilitates smooth transitions between the various platforms and technologies.

For Best DevOps Course Training In Hyderabad Call:

  • Improved communication Skills Accreditation in DevOps signifies that one has an excellent level of communication required to be a part of a team in which members can communicate effectively with one another. An understanding of the development lifecycle (SDLC) helps teams spot technical obstacles before they escalate into more serious issues. This results in smoother project execution. You can avail the top DevOps Training in Hyderabad for an opportunity to work with DevOps which is highly sought after and pay well.
  • Increased Job satisfaction A study by the International Institute for Management Development discovered that companies that invest in training for their employees see an increase in the company’s morale and performance. Employees who are satisfied with their job have positive attitudes toward management and are proud of the work they do. Thus employees who have received training by our DevOps training experience have more satisfaction and retain the same level of efficiency.
  • Higher Productivity Levels If you compare two groups of individuals that have DevOps certifications are more productive than those who are not certified in regards to test scores and their capacity to solve issues. They are also more responsive when confronted with problems. This leads to higher productivity , which results in cost-effective solutions for business issues and a reduction in time spent in routine tasks. The knowledge and expertise acquired from the DevOps Training Institutes in Hyderabad can give you an edge over your competition.

For Best DevOps Course Training In Hyderabad Call:

  • Improved Quality Assurance Processes – Certified professionals from DevOps concentrate on quality control throughout the whole SDLC. They make sure that the final products meet the standards required and are friendly to customers, ensuring they receive the best possible service.
  • More innovative products You can’t expect to come up with innovative concepts without investing in education and continual improvement. Innovation requires continuous evaluation to ensure that correct changes are made in the correct way. Businesses are adopting the DevOps method to create more efficient products. DevOps Training in Hyderabad.
  • Better Business Value Creation The DevOps course in Hyderabad and the certification it confers aids organizations in creating more value through better collaboration, product deployment as well as infrastructure provisioning. Three of these elements are responsible for high satisfaction ratings.

Additional Information on DevOps

“DevOps” DevOps was coined initially in 2009 in the year 2009, by Patrick Debois. The term was coined due to the combination into”Development” and “Operations” “Development” and “Operations” team in an organisation. The concept of DevOps remains a source of confusion for many. What is DevOps is about? What is the difference between an approach to technology, the business model or culture? Whatever way you define it DevOps can certainly guide companies on a winning track.

For Best DevOps Course Training In Hyderabad Call:

Many organizations have started to adopt DevOps practices due to the immense benefits that come with DevOps practices. Furthermore, the benefits associated with DevOps techniques can be classified into three groups: Business, Technical and the benefits of culture. The benefits below are briefly discussed.

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