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What is SAP MM?

SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module in the SAP ERP system that deals with procurement and management of materials, from requisition to payment. It is an essential module for organizations involved in production and manufacturing of goods. SAP MM enables companies to manage their inventory levels, purchasing, goods receipt and invoice verification processes.

SAP MM Training In Hyderabad

What Are the Benefits of Learning SAP MM?

High Demand for SAP MM Professionals: With the increasing demand for SAP MM professionals, there is a huge job market for SAP MM experts.
Career Advancement Opportunities: Learning SAP MM opens doors to several career advancement opportunities in the SAP domain.
Enhance Your Business Knowledge: SAP MM provides a comprehensive understanding of procurement and supply chain management processes.
Improved Process Efficiency: Implementing SAP MM improves the efficiency of the procurement process, reducing manual errors and increasing productivity.

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Why Should You Learn SAP MM?

Future Proof Your Career: As the demand for SAP MM experts increases, acquiring this skill will ensure you have a bright future in the SAP domain.
Stay Ahead of the Competition: With the increasing demand for SAP MM professionals, acquiring this skill will give you a competitive edge in the job market.
Enhance Your Earnings: SAP MM professionals are in high demand and earn a high salary.

What Are the Prerequisites To Learn SAP MM?

Basic Understanding of ERP: A basic understanding of ERP systems and the procurement process is recommended.
Familiarity with SAP: Familiarity with SAP is an advantage but not necessary.

SAP MM Training In Hyderabad Course Content at Emeta Trainings

Syllabus of SAP MM Course in Hyderabad

Module 1 – Introduction to SAP MM

  • Introduction to ERP
  • SAP Overview
  • Functions and Objectives Of MM
  • Overview Cycle of MM
  • Organizational structure of an Enterprise in the SAP R/3 System
  • Creation Of Organizational Elements – Company, Company code, Plant, Storage Location, Purchasing Organization, Purchasing Group and Assignments.

Module 2 – Master Data

  • Material Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Info Record

Module 3 – Source Determination

  • Source Determination
  • Material Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Info Record

Module 4 – Purchasing

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • RFQ – Request for Quotation
  • Outline Agreements

Module 5 – Document Types for Purchasing Documents: (PR, PO, RFQ, Contract and Schedule Agreement)

  • Define Document type
  • Define Number Ranges for Document Type
  • Define Screen Layout at Document Level

Module 6 – Release Procedure for Purchasing Documents

  • Creation of Characteristics
  • Creation of Class
  • Release Group, Release Codes, Release Indicator, Release Prerequisite, Release Strategies

Module 7 – Conditions or Pricing Procedure or Price Determination

  • Define Access sequence
  • Define Condition Types
  • Define Calculation Schema
  • Define Schema Group
  • Schema Group vendor
  • Schema Group purchasing organization
  • Assignment of Schema Group to Purchasing Organization
  • Define Schema Determination
  • Determine Calculation Schema for Standard Purchase Orders

Module 8 – External Services Management (ESM)

  • Define Organization Status for Service Categories
  • Define Service Category
  • Define Number Ranges
  • Define Number Ranges for Service Entry Sheet
  • Define Internal Number Ranges for Service Entry Specification
  • Assign Number Ranges
  • Define Screen Layout

Module 9 – Procedure for Services

  • Creation of Service Master
  • Creation of Service PO
  • Creation of Service Entry Sheet
  • Invoice wref Service Entry Sheet

Module 10 – Inventory Management (IM)

  • Goods Movement
  • Goods Receipt – GR
  • Goods Issue – GI
  • Transfer Posting – TP
  • Reservatio

Module 11 – Physical Inventory (PI)

  • Types of PI processes
  • Creating Physical Inventory Document
  • Entering Physical Inventory Count
  • List Of Inventory Differences
  • Post the Difference
  • Print Out PI Difference Report

Module 12 – Special Stocks and Special Procurement Types

  • Consignment
  • Stock Transport Order
  • Subcontracting
  • Pipeline
  • Returnable Transport Packaging – RTP
  • Third Party Processing

Module 13 – Valuation and Account Determination

  • Introduction to Material Valuation
  • Split Valuation
  • Configure Split Valuation
  • Defining Global Categories (Valuation Category)
  • Defining Global Type (Valuation Types)
  • Defining Local Definition & Assignment (Valuation Area)

Module 14 – Valuation and Account Determination

  • Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
  • Invoice for Purchase Order
  • Planned Delivery Costs
  • Unplanned Delivery Costs
  • Credit Memo
  • Blocking the Invoice
  • Releasing Blocked Invoices
  • Subsequent Debit/Credit
  • Automatic Settlements (ERS)
  • GR/IR Account Maintenance
  • Invoice for Tax, Discounts, Terms of Payment
  • Invoices for PO’s with Account Assignment
  • Parking Invoice
  • Invoice With reference to Service Entry Sheet

Module 15 – Integration with Other Modules

  • Integration of MM with FI/CO
  • Integration of MM with SD
  • Integration of MM with pp

What Are the Job Opportunities in SAP MM?

  • SAP MM Consultant
  • SAP MM Analyst
  • SAP MM Project Manager
  • SAP MM Functional Consultant
  • SAP MM Support Consultant

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What Is the Salary We Get For SAP MM in India?

The salary for SAP MM professionals in India ranges from 5-12 Lakhs per annum, depending on the candidate’s experience and skills.

Can I Complete a SAP MM Course in 3 Months?

It is possible to complete a SAP MM course in 3 months, but it depends on the institute’s course structure and the individual’s learning pace.

Which Institute Is Best for SAP MM Programming in Hyderabad?

E Meta Trainings is the best institute for SAP MM programming in Hyderabad, with a team of experienced trainers and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

How Much Does It Cost to Learn SAP MM in Hyderabad?

The cost of learning SAP MM in Hyderabad varies from institute to institute. E Meta Trainings offers SAP MM training at an affordable price with the best training quality.

Is SAP MM a Good Paying Job?

Yes, SAP MM is a good paying job with a high salary and excellent career advancement opportunities.

Is SAP MM Difficult?

SAP MM may seem difficult at first, but with proper training and hands-on experience, it becomes easier to understand and implement. E Meta Trainings provides comprehensive SAP MM training to make the learning process easy and effective.

If you’re looking for a SAP MM training program in Hyderabad, Emeta Trainings is an excellent institute to consider. They offer a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of SAP MM, including procurement, inventory management, and invoice verification.

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If you’re interested in learning more about their SAP MM training program, you can visit Emeta Trainings’ website or contact them directly. Their trainers are always available to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to succeed in your SAP MM career.

Overall, Emeta Trainings is a great choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive SAP MM training program in Hyderabad. Their hands-on training, flexible learning options, and experienced trainers make them a top choice in the industry.

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